new home builder fort wayne

new home builder fort wayne

Fort Wayne’s Newest Neighborhood Rothman Villa’s

Introducing The New Rothman Villa’s A new villa development on the Northeast side of Fort Wayne just east of the corner on Rothman and Maplecrest Road is available for your new villa home in Fort Wayne.  The tree lined street development will consist of 24 duplex units, with a pond and park area as well as featuring a “Canine Commons”.  Sidewalks are planned to be throughout the neighborhood for an additional feature.  The neighborhood is easy access to I-469 and is a 7 minute drive from the neighborhood entrance to Parkview North entrance 1.  The streets are currently in place and are ready for homes to be built.  Intentions are to start the first building winter of 2016 or as weather is fit.   Matt Lancia Signature Homes Villa Design The homes will consist of 3 bedrooms plus loft, 2 bathrooms as well as 2 car attached garage.  A front and back covered porch are included in the design.  The total square footage will be about 1750 with a 448 square foot garage.  Units will be for sale with an association formed to take care of lawn care and snow removal.  At this time the dues have not been set, we […]

New Home Builder and the steps they follow to build your home

Are you getting ready to build a home? Would you like to know a little more about what your new home builder is going to do and the steps your builder will take? Below is a list of what the process looks like in the order it is completed. Over the next few weeks we will be touching on each of these one at a time and explaining a little more in detail what actually happens at each step. 1.       Prepare site and pour foundation: 2.       Complete rough framing: 3.       Complete rough plumbing, electrical and HVAC: 4.       Install insulation: 5.       Complete drywall and interior textures; start exterior finishes: 6.       Finish interior trim; install exterior driveways and walkways: 7.       Install hard-surface flooring and countertops; complete exterior grading: 8.       Finish mechanical trims; install bathroom fixtures: 9.       Install mirrors, shower doors and finish flooring; finish exterior landscaping: 10.   Final walkthrough:


What type of carpeting should I choose for my new home?  This can be a difficult decision if you do not know the pros and cons of either polyester or nylon fiber carpet.   Nylon is a high quality carpet.  It is very durable and will last longer in high traffic areas. Nylon is just as soft and comes in a variety of colors and textures just like a Polyester carpet would.  It is not as stain resistant as Polyester and it is also twice the cost for similar weight and style.   Polyester is also a good quality carpet.  It does not wear as long as Nylon in higher traffic areas.  It is however very stain resistant. Polyester should be considered near the entrance to a pool or spa due to its stain resistant qualities.   Because of how the yarn is produced it can come in more bold colors when comparing it to Nylon.  The biggest advantage to choosing Polyester carpet for your new home is the potential savings by having your builder installing this product.   As stated, the major difference between Polyester and Nylon is the cost. Polyester costs approximately 1/2 as much as Nylon for the […]

“It’s Not Easy Being Green”

This was Kermit the frogs saying and it is so true. In the world of new home building, building green can be many things. It could mean you are using sustainable resources, like fast growing wood that is used in oriented strand board (OSB) products or carpet made out of corn byproducts. It could be how you prepare the home prior to placing the skins on the house, the siding and drywall. It could involve the types of equipment that is used for heating and cooling the home. Heating the domestic hot water or what type of dishwasher or clothes washer are installed. This can get pretty complicated and in depth and that is why consults are used to rate a new homes and double check the effectiveness of the products used. Most of the time the energy efficient criteria is thought about when considering something is green. Let’s look at those aspects of building a new home. The most energy is consumed by lights and appliance in a home. I touched on light bulbs in a previous blog post. We discussed the use of compact florescent lights or CFL’s as well as the LED lights. Both are pretty good […]

From The Ground Up

Many clients want to live in the country. The confining space of a neighborhood is a bit suffocating for some. It always sounds exciting and pretty cool to have acreage and spread out. The process to turn a bare piece of ground in to a home building site is not complicated but does need well thought out. Most parcels do not have public sewer available, so step one would be to investigate a private sewage disposal system or septic system. Typically the ground would be tested by a soil scientist. This person would either take core samples with a special prod road to a depth of about 5 feet or have a backhoe dig a pit and remove samples from the side of the hole. Once the scientist writes a report on the soil findings it is submitted to the county sanitarian or qualified designer to determine the criteria for the septic system. If the soil types are questionable, very, very high clay content or a very high water table a septic field may not be able to be installed. Another important item is the domestic water supply. In North East Indiana we will drill or pound in a water […]


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