matt lancia signature homes

matt lancia signature homes

10502 Quail Run

This beautiful and spacious 4 bedroom home is built on a full daylight basement. 3 car plus garage give you plenty of storage. The basement will have drywall delivered and is roughed in for a full bath. The basement could have another bedroom the space is there and a window allows for legal egress. Interior colors can still be selected as of 12/1/16 for approximately 30 days. The Kitchen area features an open concept with an island looking into the great room and nook area. The foyer is an expansive 2 story flooded with light from windows above. Off the foyer is a den/office accessed through double French doors. A great laundry area is right off the garage leading into the kitchen. Up the stairs to all the bedrooms. The Master is massive and will be entered through a set of double doors.


What type of carpeting should I choose for my new home?  This can be a difficult decision if you do not know the pros and cons of either polyester or nylon fiber carpet.   Nylon is a high quality carpet.  It is very durable and will last longer in high traffic areas. Nylon is just as soft and comes in a variety of colors and textures just like a Polyester carpet would.  It is not as stain resistant as Polyester and it is also twice the cost for similar weight and style.   Polyester is also a good quality carpet.  It does not wear as long as Nylon in higher traffic areas.  It is however very stain resistant. Polyester should be considered near the entrance to a pool or spa due to its stain resistant qualities.   Because of how the yarn is produced it can come in more bold colors when comparing it to Nylon.  The biggest advantage to choosing Polyester carpet for your new home is the potential savings by having your builder installing this product.   As stated, the major difference between Polyester and Nylon is the cost. Polyester costs approximately 1/2 as much as Nylon for the […]

Just Add Water

One amazing building product is concrete. Concrete is a mix of cement, sand, stone and water, and then mixed into a paste. Many people confuse the difference between cement and concrete, concrete is like a cake mix and cement is the flour. The Romans invented concrete over 2100 years ago; they revolutionized the building of large structures. Today’s advances in production processes and quality control of materials produce a better, stronger mix then back in the day. The alternate products other than straight portland cement create performance mixes the offer better finishing characteristics as well as the opportunity to use recycled products. Two of the most common cementitious products are slag cement and fly ash. According to the Slag Cement Associations web site, slag cement has been used in concrete projects in the United States for over a century. The replacement of the typical cement with slag cement offers some different performance and finishing properties such as a lighter color, better workability, higher compressive and flexural strength and improved resistance to chemicals. The Portland Cement Association reveals that fly ash is a by-product of burning pulverized coal in electrical generation. It is unburned residue collected on mechanical or electrostatic separators. […]

From The Ground Up 3

To continue the discussion of single site development…. In our past postings we went over information on a septic system, water well, entrance drive and subdivision of the property. The last few items to consider and be aware of prior to purchasing a property to place a new home is the subsoil conditions and proximity to electricity and gas services. Are other homes in close proximity to the site being considered and are utility poles lining the county road. If the answer is yes to one or both questions it is a good chance power is accessible. Most power poles will have the utility companies tag fastened to the pole, take down the information and contact the company. Discuss your project including the size of the home and the approximate distance from their services. Sometimes there is a charge to make the connection and will need paid prior to hook up. Gas services are buried underground so markings will need located and a call will need made to the company. Ask around and call the local gas company that may service the territory. If no markings are found, natural gas may not be available and liquid propane may need considered. […]


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