Matt Lancia New Home Builder

Matt Lancia New Home Builder

Fort Wayne’s Newest Neighborhood Rothman Villa’s

Introducing The New Rothman Villa’s A new villa development on the Northeast side of Fort Wayne just east of the corner on Rothman and Maplecrest Road is available for your new villa home in Fort Wayne.  The tree lined street development will consist of 24 duplex units, with a pond and park area as well as featuring a “Canine Commons”.  Sidewalks are planned to be throughout the neighborhood for an additional feature.  The neighborhood is easy access to I-469 and is a 7 minute drive from the neighborhood entrance to Parkview North entrance 1.  The streets are currently in place and are ready for homes to be built.  Intentions are to start the first building winter of 2016 or as weather is fit.   Matt Lancia Signature Homes Villa Design The homes will consist of 3 bedrooms plus loft, 2 bathrooms as well as 2 car attached garage.  A front and back covered porch are included in the design.  The total square footage will be about 1750 with a 448 square foot garage.  Units will be for sale with an association formed to take care of lawn care and snow removal.  At this time the dues have not been set, we […]

Picking a New Home Floor Plan

Picking a new home floor plan Many times I get inquiries about pricing floor plans for clients.  Most look at the home and ask “how much per square foot for this home?”  I guess that is an easy comparison method but sometimes it can get skewed by many different qualities of the floor plan.  Inherently, a ranch plan is more expensive to build as compared to a 2-story home.  A slab home is less expensive than a basement home.  Features that make a difference in pricing a new home could be the size of the kitchen and baths and the amount of cabinets and tops needed in those rooms.  The type of products used, laminate top or stained oak or hickory is less then granite tops and painted cabinets.  A 2000 square foot home could be built with $6000 in cabinets and tops, the same home could have $12,000 in cabinets and tops.  That alone would give a $3/SF difference in construction cost.  Add or subtract a fireplace, use Andersen windows as opposed to a vinyl single hung window, they could effect this same 2000 square foot home by $3/SF.  Open, tall and vaulted ceiling also add to the cost […]

Green Building Techniques

Besides energy efficient equipment and products, builders can implement building practices and techniques that are considered “green”. The use of products to keep the outside out and the inside in are some of the most used. The flashing tape that is used around window and door openings has been a great inventions. As the tapes have gotten better, they stick in colder temperatures and onto about anything. The different caulking and foam sealants also have created a permanent barrier from air and moisture entering the home. The various house wraps each with their own benefits has created a moisture and air barrier that will help home comfort for years to come. No home is water proof, just ask any remodeler, the job of a professional builder is to minimize the infiltration and create a back-up shield of protection. Using the sealant, tape and wraps is the best starting point for such protection. The use of other products that will not rot or decay is also well advised. If building materials can be kept out of the landfill that is considered a green building practice. The advances in vinyl siding and trim as well as the invention of cement board products […]

“It’s Not Easy Being Green”

This was Kermit the frogs saying and it is so true. In the world of new home building, building green can be many things. It could mean you are using sustainable resources, like fast growing wood that is used in oriented strand board (OSB) products or carpet made out of corn byproducts. It could be how you prepare the home prior to placing the skins on the house, the siding and drywall. It could involve the types of equipment that is used for heating and cooling the home. Heating the domestic hot water or what type of dishwasher or clothes washer are installed. This can get pretty complicated and in depth and that is why consults are used to rate a new homes and double check the effectiveness of the products used. Most of the time the energy efficient criteria is thought about when considering something is green. Let’s look at those aspects of building a new home. The most energy is consumed by lights and appliance in a home. I touched on light bulbs in a previous blog post. We discussed the use of compact florescent lights or CFL’s as well as the LED lights. Both are pretty good […]

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! The Cubs won the National League Division Series at home on Tuesday. It is the first time the Cubs have ever clinched a playoff series at their home, Wrigley Field. The Cubs playoff history has had many twists and turns, with the combination of bad breaks and bad luck the “curse” has lived on. The last World Series victory came in 1908; it has been a long time. At the corner of Clark and Addison Cub’s fanatics display passion for their team like no other place. No matter what, it is fun to watch the joy of the fans when the Cubs are victorious. History was made in game 3 when 6 home runs were hit by 5 different players. That game also saw 4 rookie players in the starting line-up. Game four was also as exciting with two more home runs, one monstrous home run that looked like it left the building but it landed on top of the score board. The ball will be left there until the completion of the Cubs post season play, let’s hope that goes deep into October. 2003 was the last time the Cubs moved onto the National League […]

New Habitat for Humanity Home, Builders Blitz 2015 Day 4

We have made amazing progress this week.  The framers finish on Tuesday as the plumber and heating contractors worked inside.  All the crews that have been working on the project have given an exceptional effort and really have exceeded my expectations.  A lot of planning ahead really made a difference, with the Habitat staff of Craig and Adam at the reins guiding the ship through the waters, it has progressed without much stress.  Today the insulation install was finished by 10 AM then the the drywall hangers showed up to the new home soon after to begin their process.  The siding was started today but wet weather delayed the work somewhat.  The weekend is giving us the necessary days to finish the drywall, and with cooler temperatures it will challenge the completion of this phase of construction.  The family that is purchasing the new home we are building was at the site today helping with the construction.  You couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces, the excitement for ownership in a house showed. Next week we will be working mostly on the inside of the home with painting to be started on Monday by a Sherwin William crew and finished […]

New Home Day 1 2015 Builders Blitz

  Well we got the ball rolling today in Fullers Landing.  At the crack of dawn my framing crew was busy working on the new home for the Ho-Maw Family.  As we worked through the day things went pretty well for he most part.  We ended up short a few floor joist but Carter Lumber made it happened and had the lumber to us in less then an hour from phone call to delivery, thanks to them for the special service.  By the end of the day we were finished framing the first floor and had all the walls built for the second floor.  The trusses were handed up to the appropriate levels and some were even set and fastened.  Some sheathing was placed and work was started on the roof.  Our plumber, Current Mechanical made it into the new home to start the layout and run some of the drain work.  If all things go well tomorrow we should have the roof completed as well as the heating and cool, which will be done by JF Miller.  With a weather forecast that is calling for rain lets hope it doesn’t last long and get too soggy.  All involved have been very team oriented which is much appreciated, with […]

Habitat For Humanity Builders Blitz 2015

Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in 1976. Through the hard work of volunteers, community groups and churches the organization has built or repaired 1 million homes Worldwide. In Fort Wane, Indiana we are doing our part to extend the mission of Habitat for Humanity by building new homes for those that need a hand up. The new homes are built for no profit and a zero interest loan is given to the new owner. The money that is paid back is used to fund the next project. The revolving fund continues to build to help additional families get a new home. All potential owner applies for the opportunity to be a part of the process. The families must volunteer their time to either help with the home they will move into or others in the program. The neighborhood in Fort Wayne, Fullers Landing, is really something special in the Habitat for Humanity organization. Being in the suburbs is something a little unique, in the times past they would build the homes in areas that didn’t have much potential for the real estate to appreciate. Mixed in with other new built market priced homes will give […]

Lighting Your New Home

Thomas Edison began serious research into developing a practical incandescent lamp in 1878. Edison filed his first patent application for “Improvement In Electric Lights” on 14 October 1878. After many experiments, first with carbon in the early 1880s and then with platinum and other metals, in the end Edison returned to a carbon filament. The first successful test was on 22 October 1879, and lasted 13.5 hours. Edison continued to improve this design and by 4 November 1879, filed for a US patent for an electric lamp using “a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected … to platina contact wires”. Currently it is quite difficult to find a typical light bulb for a new home, especially in wattages over 40. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 was designed to implement sweeping changes to energy policies in the United States. The stated mission of the act is “to move the United States toward greater energy independence and security, to increase the production of clean renewable fuels, to protect consumers, to increase the efficiency of products, buildings, and vehicles, to promote research on and deploy greenhouse gas capture and storage options, and to improve the energy performance of the […]

It Starts With a Good Foundation

When building a new home the foundation is placed first, this is so important to be done correctly because the balance of how the house finishes off will be effected. The common types of foundations are the slab on grade, a crawl space and a basement, or a combination of the three. In Indiana the slab is the most economical choice. A trench is dug below the frost line, our area that is 3’ deep. Any loose soil is removed by hand with a shovel and foam insulation is placed on the side of the trench, then concrete is used to fill the trench, this is known as the footing. While still wet stakes are placed into the footer to fasten the forms once the footers have cured. Forms are fastened and the center of this formed space is filled with stone or gravel to prepare for the plumbing and heating and cooling contractors. I have been questioned many times about the repair of any future plumbing or duct work under the slab. Yes it is possible it may need done, however, my experience has been the cost of a crawl space or a basement far exceeds the cost of […]

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