New Home Day 1 2015 Builders Blitz

New Home Day 1 2015 Builders Blitz
New home first walls

At the beginning of the project, the first wall

New Home Habitat for Humanity Home

At the end of day one, almost to the roof.

All involved in the building project

All involved in the building project


Well we got the ball rolling today in Fullers Landing.  At the crack of dawn my framing crew was busy working on the new home for the Ho-Maw Family.  As we worked through the day things went pretty well for he most part.  We ended up short a few floor joist but Carter Lumber made it happened and had the lumber to us in less then an hour from phone call to delivery, thanks to them for the special service.  By the end of the day we were finished framing the first floor and had all the walls built for the second floor.  The trusses were handed up to the appropriate levels and some were even set and fastened.  Some sheathing was placed and work was started on the roof.  Our plumber, Current Mechanical made it into the new home to start the layout and run some of the drain work.  If all things go well tomorrow we should have the roof completed as well as the heating and cool, which will be done by JF Miller.  With a weather forecast that is calling for rain lets hope it doesn’t last long and get too soggy.  All involved have been very team oriented which is much appreciated, with a group like I have working on this project, it will get done right and on time.  Thank  you for checking in, Matt Lancia Signature Homes.

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