It Starts With a Good Foundation

It Starts With a Good Foundation

When building a new home the foundation is placed first, this is so important to be done correctly because the balance of how the house finishes off will be effected. The common types of foundations are the slab on grade, a crawl space and a basement, or a combination of the three. In Indiana the slab is the most economical choice. A trench is dug below the frost line, our area that is 3’ deep. Any loose soil is removed by hand with a shovel and foam insulation is placed on the side of the trench, then concrete is used to fill the trench, this is known as the footing. While still wet stakes are placed into the footer to fasten the forms once the footers have cured. Forms are fastened and the center of this formed space is filled with stone or gravel to prepare for the plumbing and heating and cooling contractors. I have been questioned many times about the repair of any future plumbing or duct work under the slab. Yes it is possible it may need done, however, my experience has been the cost of a crawl space or a basement far exceeds the cost of any repairs. Any repair that may need done generally is necessary because of vandalism or negligence. A crawl space is like a short basement, dug to a depth of 4’ or so, footers are formed like a mini sidewalk. The wall forms are then set on the footer, rebar is placed then filled with concrete. A floor system is then built upon the walls. The most important part of installing proper crawl space is to control moisture. Vapor barrier is a must for the floor and either condition the space or ventilate it properly. A basement is more or less the same as a crawl space, however it is habitable depth which is move then 7’. The exterior of a poured will is also damp proofed or water proofed depending on the product that is used. Tar is sprayed onto the cured concrete to create a damp proof, and is the most economical. Another choice is a water proof membrane which can also be sprayed onto the cured concrete, it is thicker and will stretch if the wall should develop a fine crack. All foundations get insulated, either with a foam board or an insulated batt. The crawl space or basement will then get backfilled with at least 2’ of gravel or stone then finished up with the project sites dirt dug from the basement or additional stone or gravel. A good foundation is the most important part of a new home. Of course this is a brief overview of installing a foundation but should give some insight into this portion of new home construction. Thank you for checking out my post, until next time, Matt Lancia Signature Homes.

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