From The Ground Up

From The Ground Up

Many clients want to live in the country. The confining space of a neighborhood is a bit suffocating for some. It always sounds exciting and pretty cool to have acreage and spread out. The process to turn a bare piece of ground in to a home building site is not complicated but does need well thought out. Most parcels do not have public sewer available, so step one would be to investigate a private sewage disposal system or septic system. Typically the ground would be tested by a soil scientist. This person would either take core samples with a special prod road to a depth of about 5 feet or have a backhoe dig a pit and remove samples from the side of the hole. Once the scientist writes a report on the soil findings it is submitted to the county sanitarian or qualified designer to determine the criteria for the septic system. If the soil types are questionable, very, very high clay content or a very high water table a septic field may not be able to be installed.

Another important item is the domestic water supply. In North East Indiana we will drill or pound in a water well, usually a 4” or 5” diameter to depths between 80’-300’. The deeper the well usually the pump size needs increased to get the water to the home. Well water for the most part needs some treatment, water softeners will work fine. However very extreme water types, with sulfur, high iron or ultra-hard with a lot of lime and calcium may need special or additional treatment. The distance the well is located in relation to the septic system is very important. Most jurisdictions require 50 feet between any well and septic system, with some areas with very sandy and loose soils needing 100 feet.

Also note these distances could play into effect with neighboring wells and septic systems so keep this in mind when laying out the property. I will address more items about bare ground development in my next article, thank you for stopping by, Matt Lancia.

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