From the Ground up part 2

From the Ground up part 2

In continuation of the discussion on building on bare ground, here are some additional items to consider. Typically a property can only have one residence located on the parcel. If a home is currently located on a property and there is space for an additional new home a subdivision will need to be made. One of the key items to consider is whether or not the property currently has a mortgage or lien. Most times this is tied into the legal description of the parcel and if it is subdivided would need a partial release to be sold or gifted.
Every county in Indiana is a little different on how they handle the subdivision. Some allow many while others are very fussy and only allow minimal subdivisions. A recommendation would be to contact the local county planning department to discuss the potential new home building site. Many times the other county departments like the Highway, Health, and Surveyor will need to review the subdivision.
The County Highway department will assist in the driveway placement onto a county road. They look at the location of where the drive will connect to the road to be sure it has safe sight lines and proper drainage. Many county roads have a culvert that takes storm water away from the roads to the county drains. These culverts get a pipe placed under drives that cross the culvert, the pipe size is decided by the Highway department. Drives can be installed using gravel, crushed stone, asphalt and concrete, all with varying degrees of price and longevity. New home construction does require deliveries by large and heavy trucks so a construction drive is a good idea to help preserve the finished drive. At times, the primary drive is built using larger stone and then graded and finished off at the completion of the project. In the next posting I will continue the description of the development of bare ground. Thank you for checking in, Matt Lancia.

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