Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

The Cubs won the National League Division Series at home on Tuesday. It is the first time the Cubs have ever clinched a playoff series at their home, Wrigley Field. The Cubs playoff history has had many twists and turns, with the combination of bad breaks and bad luck the “curse” has lived on. The last World Series victory came in 1908; it has been a long time. At the corner of Clark and Addison Cub’s fanatics display passion for their team like no other place. No matter what, it is fun to watch the joy of the fans when the Cubs are victorious.
History was made in game 3 when 6 home runs were hit by 5 different players. That game also saw 4 rookie players in the starting line-up. Game four was also as exciting with two more home runs, one monstrous home run that looked like it left the building but it landed on top of the score board. The ball will be left there until the completion of the Cubs post season play, let’s hope that goes deep into October. 2003 was the last time the Cubs moved onto the National League Championship Series against the Florida Marlins. The Cubs were up 3 games to 1 in that series and let it slip away.
The Cubs have not won it all for so long they are considered underdogs, even though they have superb pitching, great rookie talent and fans that will stick with them through thick and thin. In Back to the Future II Marty McFly had traveled to 2015. In the background a newscast was reporting that the Cubs had won the World Series, will this come true? Whether they win it at home, lose it on the road, or play it to the end with monster passion, the Cubs will always be the one to cheer onto victory. “Let’s Go Cubbies”.  Thanks for checking out Matt Lancia Signature Homes.

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